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Herniated Disc Relief with Our Portland & Beaverton Chiropractor

Herniated discs can range from mildly uncomfortable, too painful, to truly debilitating. If you have a herniated disc (or unexplained back pain that you’re worried might be the result of a problem with your disc), it’s definitely worth having our Portland & Beaverton chiropractor check you out. He can either refer you to a specialist to get imaging and determine the cause of your pain or, if you already know you do have a disc problem, can form an all-natural treatment plan to get you back to fighting fit as soon as possible.

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What Is a Herniated Disc?

You have likely heard the phrase “herniated disc” or “slipped disc” before, but may not be quite clear on what it means. In order to understand, it’s important to conceptualize how the spine is built. Between each vertebra – the bones through which your spinal column runs – is a disc. These discs support the vertebrae with firmer outer structures and softer inner cores.

A herniated disc occurs when some of the softer inner material leaks out of the tougher casing that surrounds it. While many people experience no symptoms from a herniated disc and don’t require treatment to correct it, others may experience significant pain or discomfort. This is a result of the substance that leaks out of the disc, pressing on or irritating nearby nerves.

How Our Portland & Beaverton Chiropractor Can Help

If you have experienced pain as a result of a herniated disc, our Portland & Beaverton chiropractor at Devine Chiropractic would love to help. There are multiple treatments we can try to reduce the symptoms of a slipped disc and to get it back in place and functioning normally.

A common treatment is a spinal manipulation, in which we adjust your spine to correct issues with posture or placement of bones, nerves or other tissue. We may manipulate your spine using adjustment techniques, or give you corrective exercises to do that will slowly pull your bodily systems back into place. Spinal decompression is another beneficial treatment performed by our Devine chiropractor, taking pressure off the spine and allowing the disc to return to normal placement and functioning.

The Portland Chiropractic Center You Can Trust

Devine Chiropractic is the Portland clinic for you, providing a wide range of chiropractic services to patients of all ages. We are happy to help with any health condition that chiropractic services are able to address – which, quite frankly, is most of them – and routinely help our patients find greater happiness, comfort, and success in life. Whether your slipped disc or other condition was the result of a car accident, sports injury, improper posture, long hours in a chair or anything else, we want to help you fix it and get back to the old you.

When you’re ready to schedule an appointment with our trusted clinic in Portland, please contact us at (503) 245-8445 and we’ll get you set up. If you prefer, you can reach out through our website and request an appointment. Either way, we look forward to helping you as soon as possible.

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