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Headache Relief From Your Portland & Beaverton Chiropractor

Headaches are more than just head pain. Headaches may also include dizziness, neck pain, eye pain, fatigue and irritability. When you have a headache, you do not feel like working or playing. Typically, all you want to do is rest and be left alone. Unfortunately, that cannot always happen. You have responsibilities that will not wait until your headache pain-reliever has kicked in. What if we share with you a drug-free way to reduce your headache pain and frequency?

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Our Portland chiropractor provides alternative health solutions to eliminate your headaches and the cause of your pain. Instead of suggesting you take medication to cover up the pain of a headache, Dr. Jeff Devine evaluates your neck and pain to determine why you have headaches. Then, through a personalized chiropractic care program, we reduce your pain and headache occurrence. 

Causes of Headaches

Maybe you've suffered from headaches for years and just thought that was part of your body. It does not have to be. Our Portland chiropractor and health team determine the source of your headaches and return you to a pain-free life. Some causes of headaches include:

An Injury

If you have suffered a sports injury such as a concussion or been in an auto accident that ended in whiplash, you may have headaches. Dr. Devine examines your neck and gently positions the vertebrae to eliminate muscle tension and headaches.

Eye Strain

Our Portland chiropractor may suggest that you visit your eye doctor to eliminate eye strain that contributes to headaches. The less contributing factors you have, the better you feel.


Some headaches are hormonally related. We show you lifestyle changes that and use chiropractic adjustments to maintain even hormone levels throughout life's transition stages.

Work Stations

If you sit at a computer throughout the day, your work station may be causing headaches. If you have to look too far down or up, your neck is strained and leads to tension headaches. We reposition your neck and upper back to reduce your discomfort then we show you better ways to set up your work area to prevent headaches.

Poor posture

Years of poor posture while sitting, standing and sleeping may lead to a spine that is out of alignment. A misalignment in your neck or back can create headaches since nerves are compressed. Dr. Devine uses gentle adjustments to position your neck and back at the best alignment to reduce your pain and free the nerve signals.

Chiropractic Care in Portland & Beaverton For Headaches

Regardless of the reason, you have headaches, chiropractic care is a natural, drug-free, pain relief option. Your headache frequency decreases when your body is positioned correctly. You feel better, are less irritable and have more energy. Imagine the things you can accomplish when you are not worried about or dealing with a headache. Our health team also includes a massage therapist to reduce your stress and eliminate muscle tension leading to headaches. Our team works together to guide you into a headache-free life. Please call us today at (503) 245-8445 for more information on chiropractic care and headaches. 

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