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Fibromyalgia Management at Devine Chiropractic in Portland & Beaverton

If your life has become a dreary pageant of neck pain, back pain, insomnia, "brain fog" and other discomforts, you might be one of the 3 to 6 million Americans burdened with fibromyalgia. There is currently no cure for this chronic pain syndrome, but that doesn't mean you have to let it control your life. Our Portland chiropractor at Devine Chiropractic can administer a variety of safe, natural methods to help you manage your symptoms without having to depend on painkillers and other drugs.

Woman with Fibromyalgia

The Mechanisms Behind Fibromyalgia

The causes of fibromyalgia can be as hard to understand as the condition itself can be to diagnose. More women than men succumb to it, implying a genetic and/or hormonal component. But a specific incident such as an infection, traumatic injury or period of intense stress can also set it in motion. Researchers believe that the brain of a fibromyalgia sufferer experiences high levels of a substance known as substance P and low levels of serotonin. This imbalance creates a hypersensitivity to pain signals. The body reacts with muscle spasms or knots that create tender points in various parts of the body.

Fibromyalgia Symptoms

The sheer diversity of fibromyalgia symptoms can make it a devastating ailment to live with. In addition to tender points in soft tissues, you may experience several different kinds of musculoskeletal pain, from back pain and neck pain to chronic tension headaches and migraines. Sleep disturbances and irritable bowel syndrome are other hallmarks of this chronic syndrome. You may also suffer from depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue and concentration problems. All of these issues can make everyday life or work an overwhelming proposition.

Our Portland & Beaverton Chiropractor Can Relieve Chronic Pain and Other Symptoms

Fibromyalgia symptoms must meet fairly strict criteria to be officially diagnosed as such by an MD. For instance, you must be having pain in at least 11 of the 18 recognized tender points (in all four quadrants of the body) for at least three months. But you don't have to wait three months to receive the relief you need, thanks to our Portland chiropractor. Dr. Devine is perfectly capable of helping you manage your chronic pain and other symptoms right now by working to normalize your physical function. Our clinic can employ a variety of conservative pain management modalities, including:

  • Chiropractic adjustment - Chiropractic adjustment can improve nerve signaling and reduce muscle strain from a misalignment. It's especially useful for the many fibromyalgia sufferers who also have spinal stenosis and/or an upper cervical misalignment.

  • Massage therapy - Periodic massage sessions can work out the painful knots that develop in muscles while also releasing stress and improving sleep quality.

  • Corrective exercises - A personalized program of gentle exercises can help you avoid stiffness that might be amplified into chronic pain by your fibromyalgia.

Natural Relief for Portland and Beaverton Residents

Call (503) 245-8445 for your fibromyalgia management needs. We provide natural relief for Portland and Beaverton residents!

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