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Auto Accident Injury Treatment in Portland & Beaverton, OR

When you get into an auto accident, it may result in uncomfortable and painful injuries. Depending on the severity of your accident and injuries, the treatment plan to address your concerns may vary. At Devine Chiropractic, we recognize the risks associated with auto accidents and we offer solutions to help with the recovery process.

car accident injury

Common Injuries from a Car Accident

The injuries you face during an accident depend on the situation. Even a minor accident on the road may result in physical pain, discomfort and injuries to your body. 

Common injuries that may occur during an accident include:

  • Back pain
  • Whiplash
  • Sprains and strains to the muscles of your body
  • Cuts and bruises
  • Broken bones
  • Head injuries, including concussions or bleeding
  • Chest injuries, including injuries from the steering wheel or the seat-belt

Most injuries you notice shortly after the accident; however, some injuries may not be obvious for a few hours to a few days after the accident. For example, whiplash may not show obvious signs for 24 to 48 hours. Seeking treatment after an auto accident in Beaverton or Portland allows you to address the injuries before they worsen.

Addressing Pain With Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care helps with back or neck pain by addressing the underlying cause of the discomfort. Injuries occur from the impact of a vehicle hitting another object or another vehicle. In many cases, the injury to the back or neck occurs as a direct result of a pull on the muscles, a slipped disc or poor alignment.

During treatment, a chiropractor in our clinic evaluates your needs. We identify the cause of your pain and then focus on adjustments, decompression therapy and other tools that allow us to address the situation. We may use stretches, exercises and lifestyle recommendations to help your body heal from the injuries. We focus on your goals and provide solutions to help with long-term recovery.

When to Visit a Chiropractor in Portland & Beaverton

Seeking treatment from a chiropractor in Portland or Beaverton starts with identifying your needs. Devine Chiropractic helps with your situation by providing the tools to address injuries and encourage healing.

Generally, you want to work with a chiropractor when you have whiplash, back pain or similar injuries. Consider treatment after an accident, even if you do not think you were injured, to prevent worsening symptoms if you have whiplash or related muscle sprains. At our clinic, we offer treatments and solutions based on your needs, so we develop a personalized treatment plan after using diagnostic tools like an x-ray to determine the risks and injuries.

Treating an injury from an accident on the road depends on your situation, the severity of the crash and your specific needs. A professional chiropractor addresses the discomfort by using holistic tools and strategies for your body's healing process. To learn more about our natural treatment strategies or to set up an appointment to address an injury after a car accident in the Portland area, call (503) 245-8445 today.

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